FBS helps children in Thailand! Let’s do good together!

FBS helps children in Thailand! Let’s do good together!

Dear clients!

FBS is continuing its charity campaign all over the world and is participating in the “FBS does good” promotion in Thailand. Our last event saw the involvement of our partners from Bangkok.

Official FBS representatives in Thailand regularly hold charity dinners and events for orphaned and handicapped children who live in special foster homes.

During our last promotion the managers and staff of our FBS Bangna office have visited a foster home in person and brought donations in the form of food for the children.

The head of the FBS Bangkeaw office and their team have also participated in the latest “FBS does good” promotion and visited a school for children with disabilities. Company representatives have organized charity dinners and also gathered a sum of money as a gift.

Let’s do good together! Just by trading with FBS you join in on the good deeds!







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